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31 July 2017 @ 10:37 am
20 Facts, 2017 Version  

​I've been tagged twice on Instagram in the past month, so, it was about time I wrote this.

1. This year, we decided to keep our "Christmas" tree in the living room all year. The goal is to decorate it different each season, but until last week, it still had the Easter decoration 😆

2. I love dressing up a lot and will use any opportunity to do so.

3. Most common dress up is death eater, because Harry Potter is pretty popular where I live. Not only are there parties for Halloween, but also in the summer around his birthday.

4. I started dying my hair when I was 16, and I dyed it black for about two years. Then I tried red, and really liked it. Ever since, I've had different shades of red and reddish brown.

5. I had an imaginary friend when I was really little. I just remember that he was named Peter, pretty sure he was Peter Pan, and was very cartoonesque. I've tried looking up TV kid shows with Peter Pan to see if that's where I got him from, but I haven't been able to find anything.

6. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite pizza is a traditional Margheritta. But I'll take most! Even a Little Cesar's pizza 😉🍕❤️

7. Same applies to chocolate. I love Lindt and Milka and other European brands (I have family in Europe and always have a nice stash), but if it's chocolate, I'll probably like it!

8. My bachelorette party consisted of going to Salt Lake Comic Con with @hobbitgirl123 while wearing a "bride-to-be" sash. I had people congratulating me, inside joke with Felicia Day about Bucky, a selfie with John Barrowman (even though selfies were not allowed!), and a photo with the Phelps twins (Fred and George from Harry Potter). I wouldn't change my bachelorette party!

9. My husband and I kissed the first time the same day I met Matt Smith. I'll never forget that day.

10. I once had someone walking up to me and talking in Russian. For some reason, she thought I was Russian. I've had multiple people think I'm from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I think my accent and my looks throw them off and they don't associate white girl with Latina.

11. I used to work in an IT office, where I was the only girl for over two years. I loved it though, and it has been my favorite job ever.

12. At that job, I had a new coworker that seemed somewhat familiar. I managed to make the connection: he was the husband of the girl my sister bought her wedding dress from! So, we joked that I had been to his house and to his room, and he didn't even know me (that day, he was busy when we picked up the dress, so, we only talked to his wive, but barely saw him). On that note, his wife hosted really awesome Harry Potter parties where I dressed up as a death eater 😆

13. I'm really good at bingewatching. I watched all of Buffy and Angel in one month. That's over 250 episodes. Also, Spike ❤️

14. When I was younger, I used the name Vidi in a lot of online games. That's because one of my first websites was a Dragon Ball site, and I went by the name Videl (a Dragon Ball character). Someone once called me Vidi there and I liked it 😉 (can we talk about how that was almost 17 years ago?? I'm so old 😆)

15. I come from an all-girls family, and my husband from an all-boys. There have been pretty interesting things we both have learned from each other. For example, I taught my husband the difference between skirt and dress.

16. People assume that since I'm from Costa Rica, I must be cold living in northern weathers. Actually, Utah (where I live now) gets way more hot in the weather than anywhere I've lived in Costa Rica. I'm used, and like, rainy days and high 60's F / low 20's C.

17. I am the shortest one in my family. My younger sisters both grew taller than me, but none of us is taller than our parents. So weird 😭

18. I like singing. I participated in my high school's talent show twice, once singing a song from Japanese rock band JUDY AND MARY, and the second time singing Evanescence. Yes, I was (am?) that weird school kid.

19. I actually did my last year of school at home. I had just moved from another country, and the high school placement exam I took was going to put me in the same class as my 3-years-younger sister. Since I was already 18 (legal age to be an adult in my country) I decided to do my own thing, got all the necessary books, and studied by myself at home. I only got a tutor for Math, which I had already been struggling for a while. Passed all the tests 😎

20. I am one of those weird persons that knew what they wanted to do when they grew up since young. When I was 15 I decided I would study graphic design and become a web designer. Before that, I wanted to be a fashion designer, and before that, an astronomer. The fashion designer choice was mostly because I didn't know that the career graphic design existed, but I enjoyed designing things, and that was the closest I could think of. Also, part of me still wishes I would have gone with astronomy, because I'm fascinated with stars! So, I hope to someday be able to do some contract design work with @nasa, so I can still say I worked for them 😉

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