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08 June 2017 @ 09:57 pm
Let's keep the record straight...  
These are some of my high scores right now:

Tetris Highscore
This is not my best high score ever, it's just my recent best high score. I don't know why I didn't keep track of them before. I consider myself pretty good in Tetris, but the other day I was watching a professional tournament on YouTube and DANG. I have ways to go...

Google Dinosaur Highscore
This one definetely is my best score on the Internet not Working game. Pretty proud of it. Didn't help that the internet was gone for quite a while.

Now that Netflix has the latest seasons of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl, I'm watching all three. Not sure what order I should follow though to make them make sense when the crossovers happen. The end of the crossover was in Legends of Tomorrow though, and I finished that season last month... *River Song Accent* Spoilers! Either way, gosh, Barry messed up BIG!

Also, I'm super excited about meeting Patrick Rothfuss in September. I have no idea of what to talk about if I get the chance. I'm not going to bring up book 3, I don't want him to hate me. But if anyone has any super cool ideas of interesting conversation topics with one of my favourite fantasy authors, let me know! I am already taking my copy of The Name of The Wind in Spanish, which should be a conversation starter. I probably should reread everything though, because it's all mixed up in my head. That's the things with meeting non-mainstream celebrities. I get more nervous because chances are, we'll actually talk. And we all know, talking is not my thing.
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