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14 August 2016 @ 10:00 pm
Three Years WHAT?  
No, it's not been three years since I updated. Just like 8 months...
Anyways, I was checking on my goals for this year and thought it would be fun to look back at the goals I had in 2013, and evaluate the relevance they still have in my life.

Red Text --------- 2013 Goal
Green Text ------ 2013 August Update
Purple Text ------ 2013 August Upgraded Goal
Light Gray Text ----- ranting comments
Blue Text -- 2014 Final Result

- Application to BYU
Idaho Answer - February 25th
Provo Answer - March 1st

I already finished my first term on BYU Provo :D
- Get into the Graphic Design Program
I can't believe this people have been SO SLOW, really...

So-So. I'm still not in the program, isn't that sad? But I believe it's not my fault that my adviser does not reply my emails, thus, the process is so slow I could cry!

Wow. I graduated two months ago. But the program/department did try its best to make it miserable and frustrating. BYU in general is amazingly awesome. The administrative part of the Graphic Design program? Not so much.

- Improve the DLJ Shop
I did create new, gorgeous buttons collections! But I've neglected it since I moved...
- Learn to decorate cases
I won't be learning this in what's left of the year...

So-So. Indeed, I did not learn it... Throughout the year, I did improve the shop and work on it, so,it's not too bad.

I have decorated 1 case ever since. And I still haven't put it up for sale... But I'm selling keychains there right now. And working on some cool shirt designs ;)

- Take French classes
I took French during summer and I think I'm advancing at a great pace! My french was really super rusty, but I'm so glad I'm taking it again!!

Nailed. I've A'ced my FREN101 and FREN102 classes! Finally, something I succeeded on!

Finished French 202 last year's fall, and was in the French Choir for two years. Now I only need to go to France and actually put it to test! I did plan an 11-hour layover there, but it got ruined by an airport protest, so, I spend most of the time trying to get a replacement for my cancelled flight and making sure my lugagge wasn't sent to Spain without me. I did order water and a baguette in French though! #overachiever

- Save $2000 <- it's so much, but I really want to try!!
I'm changing this one, since I didn't get to sale at the events I was planning... I mean, I can still try to save that much, but in another way! Through the jobs I'm applying to...
- Get a job on campus
I have the best student job I could have wished for! Web Designer :D

So-so. I didn't save the $2000, but I got a job and I'm saving up now :D

Oh, the poor student life. But yes, I did save the money! #itwentalltothewedding #byebyetriptoJapan #orParis

- Read 6 books - I read so little last year!
1 The Fellowship of the Ring, 2 The Name of the Wind, 3 The Two Towers, 4 Wise Man Fear
Only two missing! And I already own The Return of the Kind and Howl's Moving Castle, which would complete the goal :D

1 The Fellowship of the Ring
2 The Name of the Wind
3 The Two Towers
4 Wise Man Fear
5 The Return of the King
6 Kokoro
7 The Makioka Sisters
8 Black Rain
Nailed this thanks to my Modern Japanese Literature class XD But really, I was just one book away. I still really want to read Howl's Moving Castle, it's been next to my bed since summer!


I wish I could say I've continued reading this pace, but I haven't. This year I've only completed two :( You're Never Strange on the Internet (Almost) --- which is amazing! LOVE YOU FELICIA DAY! And Patrick Rothfuss' The Slow Regard of Silent Things, which is extremely strange, yet somehow fascinating once you understand that you won't understand it.

- Finish my Summer 2012 photoalbum
I did finish it! It's SO awesome <3 Too bad I left it at home 'cause it's super heavy... But I have pictures that I will show someday!

Nailed. Most awesome album ever

Hey, I got a photo album this year too! I cheated a bit because I just got it from Shutterfly, but what matters is having the memories on a book, right?

- Create photo album for Family Trip, November 2012
Nope... I won't be able to make this one q__q Maybe in December when I get back home?

Failed. Nope... My family is moving, so, when I went back home, everything was in boxes XD

Yea, that will probably never happen.

- Create memories book with postcards / papercuts / flyers that are on my wall, to take with me when I move
Nope... I did put them all in a notebook, but to store them while moving out, and now I have them all in my new wall!! I like them there, so, I won't create the memories book yet.

So-so. I have no interest in this, because I actually have a memories wall with it all :D

I had to take the memories wall down when I got married... I should make a book with them though!

- More sport! 40min, 3 times a week - and eat more healthy
I did more sport the first half of the year - really a lot! And I also eated much healthier! I even was in Weight Watchers for some months XD I'm not doing sport anymore, but, I walk to school everyday 20 minutes forth, 20 minutes back, under this desert's sun... Does it count?
But I gotta continue this throughout the year!!

I'm so failing at this...

Failed. Things were ok until I moved to Provo Q_Q


- Reach at least 53kg
I reached 53, but I'm back at 54... But I was at 60 last year when I returned from Germany, so, I am really working hard on this goal!
I haven't been able to get back to 53!!!

Failed. I reached it, and now, I gained all my weight again Q___Q

No Comments.

- Write more often in my blog - min. 2x a month - 24x in the year!
18 entries so far, which means, 2.25 times a month so far... Just barely managing it!
26 entries do far. Yay, reached the goal! XD

Nailed. Yay, something I managed as well!

If by blog I meant this blog, the no, I'm writing like twice a year XD

- Work more in Suppressed Feelings - min. 1x a month, 12x a year!
2 entries so far... I have four months to make 10 entries XD
3 entries so far... 9 entries to go O_O


Yea, I think Suppressed Feelings is dead...

- Work more in Imagination - min 1x every two months, 8x a year!
1 entry so far - shame on me!! I have four months to make 7 entries o__O
This hasn't even changed, omg...


Same as Suppressed Feelings...

- Work weekly at Oshare
I actually do! There's no major update every week, but there are small updates or entries almost every week, plus, I'm sending out Cyberstamps at least bi-weekly... So, this one is kind of working ^^''
I was doing well until October, gyaaahsdwekjlRGHH!!

Nailed. It kind of, on and off, worked

This didn't get the memo: Oshare is Daily Lovejuice now. Daily Lovejuice is still Daily Lovejuice. They merged! Have been working hard on them. I work weekly on the page, just not on updates though. There's a lot of social media now! And a lot of work in secret projects *cough*t-shirts*cough*.

- Create my own hosted & designed Portfolio
Yes! But I've shared it only with my school and job applications so far ;P
Still have to work a bit on this...

Nailed. Needs to be updated, but at least it's linked and running...

I have a new one, actually: saraobandolacey.com if you want to check it out. It still needs tons of improvement. #workingonit

- Work more with my drawing tablet / pratice more digital art - publish the results!
Hmm... not like a lot, but some results can be seen on this layout ^_^
I've worked a tiny bit...

So-So. I really need to work a bit more, but at least I worked a bit.

I did a whole project on it. A whole freaking project of 40 hours. I was dying. The tablet pen was dying. Yes, we bonded a lot. You can take a look at it here.

- Work on my YouTube channel - min 5 videos this year!
Nope... I have not done 1 video!!
None at all... I have actually filmed myself, but I think they turn out lame, so, I never get to editing, less publishing...


Hahaha. Yea. Nope. In the past three years, I've probably filmed about 2-3 YouTube videos that I decided will never see the world. I did put a video there, but it's not filming myself. It's the 40 hour project from above.
I've been considering starting a new channel though, together with my husband. I have tons of ideas, but I gotta convince him...

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